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Remote Help
All devices I sell are already enabled for Remote Help.

This is something you will always benefit, and feel more secured about your devices. I don't think there is a voip adapter seller in the world who offers this service. When you enable
Remote Help, you will always have a chance to clear your admin password (PW) if you forget it for some reason.

Your enabling
Remote Help doesn't allow me to make any changes until you give me your (WAN) MAC number of the device. Without me knowing your MAC number, I can not change anything. Therefore, enable Remote Help, if need assistance about your PW, let me know your (WAN) MAC. If you donít need my help, you wonít be giving me your MAC number. AGAIN: Without me knowing your MAC number, I can not change anything.

I advise you enable
Remote Help, because you have no idea how many people come back to me; because they forgot their admin PW. When you enable Remote Help, and give me your MAC number, I can delete your forgotten PW and clear it. Then you can access admin login of your device, and still keep Remote Help enabled for future help. This means by enabling Remote Help, your PAP2 will always be secured and unlocked.

Remember this: If you don't enable
Remote Help, and if you forget your PW, giving me your MAC number will not help you with your problem, because Remote Help was not set before. Therefore, I advise you to enable Remote Help, and give me you MAC number when you need my assistance.
Enable Remote Help
1- Go to your PAP2; admin login, advanced view
- Click on Provisioning tab
- Chose Provision Enable as YES
- Copy and paste the bellow link to Profile Rule there$MAU.xml

- Click on Save Settings
Disable Remote Help
Chose Provision Enable as NO. That will stop Remote Help.