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How to Start Configuring Your PAP2 + Router with QoS ?
Part One: Connecting the hardware
Step 1: Make sure that all of your hardware is powered off, including the Router, PCs, and cable or DSL modem.
NOTE: Make sure your PC is set to obtain an IP address automatically.
Step 2: Connect one end of an Ethernet network cable to one of the numbered ports on the back of the Router. Connect the other end to an Ethernet port on a network device, e.g., your PC, print server, or switch. Repeat this step to connect more PCs or other network devices to the Router.
Step 3: If necessary, disconnect your telephone cable (RJ-11) of your telephone from the telephone wall jack. If not necessary, then connect that end to the Router’s PHONE 1 port, ready for Vbuzzer; or PHONE 2 port, ready for any Betamax providers of your chose.
Step 4: Connect your cable or DSL modem’s Ethernet cable to the Router’s Internet port. Then power on the cable or DSL modem.
Step 5: Connect included power adapter to the Router’s Power port, and then plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.

The Power LED on the front panel will light up as soon as the power adapter is connected properly.
Step 6: Open your PC’s web browser. Enter in the web browser’s Address field. Then press the Enter key. A screen will appear asking for a User Name and Password.

If this is what's happening, congratulations... You can now move to Part 2.

Troubleshooting: If your browser can't find the page (, then something went wrong and you should go to the beginning. Also, make sure that your PC is set to obtain an IP address automatically. For more information, refer to Windows Help. Try to change ethernet (CAT5) cables too. See if that helps.
Part 2: Configuring the adapter's router part
Step 1: Go to using a web browser like FireFox, Internet Explorer.

Step 2: A screen will appear and ask you for a User Name and Password. Enter admin (the default) in both the User Name and Password fields. (I advice you not to change your admin PW. Keep it as admin.This will help secure access to the Web-based Utility.) Then click the OK button.

Step 3: The Router’s Web-based Utility will appear with the Basic Setup screen showing.

For " Internet Connection Type" setting there, six internet connection types are offered through the drop-down menu. Depending on which connection type you select, the features available on the Basic Setup screen will differ. Proceed to the instructions for the connection type you are using.

Step 3-A: Obtain an IP Automatically (DHCP) - Cable internet, example; Rogers Cable.

If your Internet Serviced Provider (ISP) says that you are connecting through DHCP or a dynamic IP address from your ISP, which means you always have internet, then select "Obtain an IP automatically" as the "Internet Connection Type" and click the "Save Settings" button if necessary.

Step 3-B: PPPoE - DSL internet, example; Bell Sympatico, Telus.

If your ISP says that you are connecting through PPPoE or if you normally enter a user name and password to access the Internet, then select PPPoE as the Internet Connection Type.
          •   Enter the User Name and Password provided by your ISP.
          •   "Keep Alive" should be selected. If not, just select it in order to stay online at all the time.
          •   Click the "Save Settings" button.
          •   Click the "Status" tab and then the "Router" tab, and then click the "Connect" button to start.

Step 4: You must have internet connection now. Congratulations... You can now move to Part 3.

Troubleshooting: If you still don't have internet, then something went wrong. It is better you reread Part 1 - Step 3 first. If that doesn't help, reread Part 2. Also, if you are not sure what type of internet connection you have, you can call your ISP and ask them for the information. If you're sure you set everything right, then power off your modem, wait for a minute, then power on it to see if that helps.
Part 3: Configuring the PAP2 (voice) part

Step 1: Go to Alternately, you can click here to go there. The page just opened now is PAP2 part of the device. If it asks for your username and PW, both of them are "admin"

Step 2: Click "Line 1" tab. If it doesn't do any thing, click refresh button on your browser.

Step 3: When you are on Line 1 page, if you want to use Vbuzzer, you don't have to make any changes because the device's Line 1 is already configured for Vbuzzer. All you have to do is type your own Vbuzzer user name and password in "User ID" and "Password" fields under Subscriber Information section of the page. Then go all the way down and click on "Save Settings". When you look at Phone 1 LED in front panel of the device, you will see green light, which means your Line 1 is online and active.

Step 4: Repeat the same process for Line 2 if you need.

If you would like to use a different provider, then you need to contact that voip provider and tell them that you have unlocked PAP2. DO NOT give your MAC number to any voip providers. They ask that to lock your device.