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How to Start Configuring Your Unlocked PAP2 ?
To configure your PAP2, first, you need to find out what the IP address is given to it by your router or switch. Without knowing the IP address, you can not login into your PAP2.

After connecting and powering up the PAP2, you will see the first two LEDs are solid blue. There are two ways to learn its IP address:

1- Using your own switch/router: Go to your switch/router’s web site. Look at LAN settings. Try to see what IP address is given to LinksysPAP.

2- Using the phone: Pick up the phone that is connected to Phone 1 of your PAP2. Press the star key 4 – 5 times (****). You will hear a configuration menu. Then dial 110 and #. Once you do that, PAP2 will read its IP address. You can do the same process over-and-over-and-over until getting the correct full IP address. The IP addresses mostly start with 192.168.X.XXX; but could be different for you.
After knowing the IP address ?

When you know the IP address of your PAP2, you can start configuring it with any SIP voip providers of your choice, as many times as you wish. That’s what the term “Unlocked” means. The device is completely under your control.

1- Open your internet browser and type the IP address of your PAP2. For example, (Your IP address will probably be different)

2- A blue page will come up saying Linksys.

3- At the right top corner, it says “Admin Login”. Click on that.

4- In the middle of the top, it says (switch to advanced view) . Click on that

5- If you look at the browser’s address bar, you will see http://PAP2-IP/admin/advanced

6- Now add the page to your favorites to come back this page faster in future .

From now on, you can start configuring your PAP2.When you need to come back to PAP2’s configuration web page, simply just click on the shortcut you just added in your favorites.

Now go to Line 1 and save your own Vbuzzer user name and PW. The field "User ID" should have your own Vbuzzer user name and the field "Password" should have your own Vbuzzer password. Both fields are under "Subscriber Information" section of Line 1. You have to go down in the middle of the page to see.

PAP2 web pages
There are two different web pages of PAP2: Admin and user… User login doesn't give you much. To make the changes in your PAP2, you actually need to login as admin.

Let's say is the IP address given to your PAP2 by your switch or router. When you go to

the PAP2 will ask your user PW. This is not what you need. If you want to login as user anyway, you need to type user name as “
user” and password as “user PW” if your PAP2 has one. I always sell without passwords. When you go to     

the PAP2 will ask your admin PW if you have one. So, you need to type “
admin” and “admin PW”.

Again, the PAP2 you got from me has no PWs at all. Therefore, when you login as both user and admin, it won't ask you for any PWs.
Saving your own PW
Bellow steps for securing your PAP2 are absolutely optional. If you think some one at home might play around with your PAP2 settings, then you need to secure your PAP2. If your home is safe, you can ignore bellow steps.

1- After you logging your PAP2, click on the second tab says “System”

See “Admin Passwd” & “User Password” They should be empty. Type there your own PW.

IMPORTANT: Your PW should be easy to remember. If you forget your PW, that means you locked your ATA yourself. That also means no one can unlock your ATA, unless you enabled Remote Help. This is the reality not only for PAP2 but also for all phone adapters. Therefore, try to put a PW that is easy to remember.

I also suggest you to use the same PW for both user and admin. That will lower the possible PW mistakes. AGAIN; if your user and admin PWs are the same, you won’t get any confusions about them.

3- Click on “Save Settings”

4- When you do that, PAP2 will reboot and a pop up window will come up asking your admin name and PW.

5- If you like, you can check mark “Remember my password” that will free your retyping admin PW all the time. That’s what I personally do.

6- Click OK and start configuring your unit.

7- When you need to go to the settings, just use the shortcut in your favorites. That will only ask your admin name and PW. So, you will be skipping user part, which you don't need at all.

The PAP2 will ask for your PW each time you restart your PC. Again; use the shortcut in your favorite list to go PAP2 web access.

I also advice you to enable
Remote Help. You can click here to learn how.