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PAP2 + Router with QoS for $150


PAP2 + Router with QoS adapters are 2 in 1: PAP2 + router... This device is absolutely the same as the other one, PAP2 + Wireless Router with QoS. The only one difference between them is whether providing wireless connection or not and nothing more. This one does not provide wireless connection.

Both PAP2 + Router with QoS and PAP2 + Wireless Router with QoS adapters, in my opinion, are better then just PAP2; because they already have a good router built inside with many features including QoS, which makes voice quality better. Not every router has QoS feature. Therefore, both devices are better than a combination of just a PAP2 and a regular router where QoS is not available.

What is QoS? It is short form of Quality of Service. It gives priority to voice signals in your networking. Let's say you're using internet for a job. When you receive or place a call, the router slows down all your jobs and prioritizes on voice signals. That helps receiving better voice quality.

The device's voice configuration menu is absolutely the same as PAP2, and it's router configuration menu is very similar to Linksys router, WRT54G. My favorite voip adapter (PAP2) and a good wired router are all in one with
PAP2 + Router with QoS adapters. Plus, PAP2 will not work if you go to a friend's house, where there isn't a router. Because PAP2 + Router with QoS adapters are 2 in 1, you don't need to look for a router. This device will work where internet connection is available. PAP2 will only work where both internet connection and a router are available.

PAP2 adapters, for some reasons, don't work well with every router in the market. I remember, some people changed their router just because it didn't work with PAP2. When you have a
PAP2 + Router with QoS adapter, you won't have that risk. It is plug-and-play. That's why I believe PAP2 + Router with QoS is better then just PAP2.

If you don't know what adapter to buy, click here to make a better decision. If you would like me to ship the adapter, please click on "Shipping" tab above to learn more.

All Linksys PAP2 voip adapters are very powerful ATAs. Therefore, I give 15-day money back guarantee with confidence. Unlocked PAP2, PAP2 + Router with QoS, and PAP2 + Wireless-G Router with QoS adapters work with any SIP voip providers of your choice, such as FWD, StanaPhone, Vbuzzer, Gizmo, Voipbuster, Voipstunt, etc… They have 2 separate phone lines. You can configure 2 independent (or the same) voip providers at the same time. You have to use two different phones with them. They are also very popular. If you have a question or need help about any kinds of PAP2 devises, you can find answers in many user forums easily. Linksys's ATAs are one of the adapters that has the most users in the world.

What Linksys says about PAP2 + Router with QoS adapters
Think of the Linksys Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports as a kind of "splitter" for your Internet connection. Just connect your DSL or Cable Modem to the Router, and all the computers in your home or office can share the Internet -- all at the same time. The built-in 3-port switch lets you attach three local PCs directly, or daisy-chain out to more hubs and switches as your network grows.

Once your computers are connected to the Internet through the Router, they can communicate with each other too, sharing resources and files. All your computers can print on a shared printer connected anywhere in the home. And you can share all kinds of files between computers -- music, digital pictures, and other documents.

The two standard telephone jacks on the Router enable high-quality feature-rich telephone service through your high-speed connection even while you're surfing the Internet. Each phone jack operates independently -- like having two phone lines. With an appropriate Internet telephone service provider, you'll get low domestic and international phone rates, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Distinctive Ring, and lots of other available special phone features. Choose any free local dialing US area code, regardless of where you live. Add a virtual phone number in any area code, or even a US-wide toll-free number.

It's all easier than you think -- the included Setup Wizard takes you through configuring the Router, step by step. The Router can act as a DHCP server for your network, so your PCs are configured automatically. Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) lets specialized Internet applications configure the Router so you don't have to. Built-in NAT technology helps keep intruders out of your computers. Advanced users can set up QoS prioritization based on port or service type.

With the Linksys Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports at the heart of your home network, you don't need to be a networking genius to share high-speed Internet, printers and files, and turn your Internet connection into a high-quality high-value telephone service.

The advantages of buying from me

There are many advantages buying an unlocked voip Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) from me. You wonít really find a store that offers my services and support. I try to give as much as I can to make buying better. Please feel free to suggest any ideas about how I can serve you better. Here are the advantages:

1- All ATAs are preconfigured by Line 1: Vbuzzer and Line 2: any Betamax providers. Therefore, to start your services for those two voip providers or for one of them, all you have to do is save your own user name(s) and password(s) and you are ready to go. There is an article under "Support" tab above, showing you how you can save your own user name(s) and password(s).

On the other hand, I can give you the ATA with its factory settings, in which you will need to set it up yourself and won't have the advanced settings explained in number 6 advantage here. If you would like to use another provider other then the two above, let me know.

2- I created a Yahoo Group to provide you more information, news and support. You can click here to learn and join my Yahoo Group.

3- I offer 15-day money back guarantee. Click "Guarantee" tab above to learn more.

4- I offer local pick ups at no extra cost in 2 major Canadian cities: Toronto, and Ottawa.

5- I offer Remote Help to serve and help you better. All ATAs I sell are enabled for Remote Help and there are many advantages of it. This service is ONLY for my customers and no others. To learn more about that, please click here.

6- With my configuration, you have the latest best settings such as;
* Correct time display on your phone
* Protection to keep your current settings
* Remote Help is enabled.
* Correct ring frequency and voltage settings for North America users
* Correct settings for being able to make SIP URI calls.
* Speed dial, 5 and # , to reach me: If you are using Vbuzzer on Line 1 and have a question, pick up your phone and press 5#. That will ring my phone.
* A reach dial plan, which allows you to make 7-digit calls in your area code, 10 & 11-digit dialing for North America, and up to 15-digit callings in order to reach some countries without a problem, like Germany. Plus, dialing 999 works like 911 and calls your local police department.

7- The adapters I sell are the lowest you can find in the market for a powerful unlocked adapter and continuing support.

8- I will reunlock your device for free once if it ever gets locked for some reasons.

9- You can change your PAP2 to PAP2-SPA or the other way around for free at any time you wish to.

10- I have all kinds of firmware (fw) versions, and can provide you at any time.

11- You have 4 different options to buy an ATA. Click on "Contact Me" tab above to learn more.

Price and Discounts
The prices are the final sale prices. You wonít pay more than that. There are no other extra charges.

There is absolutely no discounts on the final prices unless you plan to buy 5 pcs
at once. As I mentioned before, the prices are the lowest you can find in the market for a powerful unlocked adapter. Plus, there are many advantages buying an unlocked ATA from me. Therefore, please donít ask for any discounts even if you buy 4 pcs. The discount, $1 each, starts when you buy at least 5 pcs.
Final Words
Tell me if you are interested. If you need more information, or have other questions, you can reach me with my contact information.

I hope to do business with you.