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How to perform PSEUDO Factory Reset ?
1- Go to your PAP2, admin login and advanced view

2- Click on Provisioning tab

3- Chose "Provision Enable" as "YES"

4- Clear all profile rules (none, B,C and D) then copy/paste the link bellow to "Profile Rule"

5- Save the settings

6- Navigate to URL:

7- Sit back and wait about 2-3 minutes.


6- a)
Pick up your phone and press the star key 4-5 times (*****)

b) Dial 732668 (i.e. R E B O O T) and #

c) You may hear "Option Successful"

7- Hang up the phone and sit back

Now, you need to wait about 2 minutes, maybe maximum of 3 minutes. Then your PAP2 will have default setting values of an Unlocked PAP2. Therefore, after 2-3 minutes, your PAP2 will have factory setting values.
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